FLOPP is a rapidly growing manufacturer of the most innovative and best quality multi-purpose flavor cards.

The qualities of FLOPP products, as well as great attention to detail and advanced quality control system, are what make us stand out on store shelves. The constant pursuit of perfection and constant development of technology allows us to create top quality products that meet our customers' expectations. Our assortment is successively expanded with new articles.

How does it work?

1. Insert cartridge
to the selected product or room.
2. Wait
a minimum of 30 minutes and remove.
3. Enjoy
your unigue aroma.


We use only 100% natural ingredients.

The increased amount of flavor will allow you to enjoy one card several times, and their wide selection, will satisfy the most demanding customers.

We can prepare the product in any aroma, form and shape of the cartridge.

We use the highest quality materials, fully recyclable.

We produce in accordance with the required specifications of the EU.

Cards are designed to easily fit into containers of different sizes.

A guarantee of the highest quality.

We make a pre-production test, and before passing for shipment, we carefully inspect the product.

Thanks to our production capacity:

Original Equipment Manufacturer

We design and produce the merchandise

and then apply the client's logo to it. The client sells the product its own brand name.

Original Design Manufacturer

We design the merchandise

according to the wishes of the customer, who then sells the product under his brand.

Our cards



20 single cards


112 dispaly

2 240 single cards


30 cartons

3 360 dispaly

67 200 single cards